The activities of the Jäckering Group are divided in 5 high-potential subgroups with largely independent operations. Every subgroup orientates itself in an optimal way to the market.
The objective is to create unique developments and state-of-the-art technologies with the combination of mill & starch, engineering, warehousing & transport and processing of thermoplastics so that all products manufactured in-house are characterized by superb quality and trailblazing innovation. The main focus is the customer to whom we are a reliable and innovative partner and whom we want to support with professionalism and motivation.

All 5 divisions are characterized by research and progression while we make contribution for a sustainable and ecological sound development. The objective is to optimise all our products quality to enlarge systematically our market share at home and abroad.

The technological and economic competence of our company is connected with the responsibility to work for the benefit of our customers and staff members.

The success of the Jäckering Group lies basically in the assumption that each product, each machine and each process needs to be enhanced qualitatively. Highly qualified staff members and the permanent search of improvements are our corporate culture.