Jäckering Mühlen- und Nährmittelwerke GmbH

Jäckering Mühlen- und Nährmittelwerke GmbH produces wheat flour, wheat starch and protein for food, pet-food and non-food-industries all over the world.

The supreme objective is that all products manufactured in-house are of superb quality and groundbreaking innovation.

Our mill has an annual capacity of 270,000 tons of wheat. Beside milling with a roller-mill Jäckering runs an ULTRA-ROTOR special mill, which grinds wheat by the use of air turbulence. A large proportion of the flour is directly supplied to the starch production where approximately 140,000 tons wheat starch (HAMSTARCH) and 22,000 tons of wheat protein (WEIPRO) are produced.

Environment protection plays an important role at Jäckering. We are the only wheat starch producer in the world which does not produce waste water.

Additionally, our quality and security system is multiple accredited so that we can guarantee comprehensive quality.