Jäckering Processing

Jäckering Processing GmbH with place of business in Obersteeg nearby Cologne deals with grinding and mixing of products for non-food industries.

We are in the position to grind almost every product with our special Ultra-Rotor mill as well as other mills.

By introducing hot air into the system we are able to simultaneously dry and grind which is an excellent method of handling heat sensitive or sticky materials. Explosive or very heat sensitive materials can be processed in cryogenic systems cooled with liquid nitrogen or operating within an inert atmosphere.

First of all your product will be controlled crushed in a cutting mill. Has the product reached the right size for handling it in the fine grinding mill it will be micronised. Different sifter plants are available for security sifting and fracionating afterwards.

Beside milling with a fine grinding mill there is the opportunity to mix powder products with liquid components.

All processed products can be filled in the established packages like paper sacks, big bags and boards.