The success of the Jäckering Group highly depends on the capability of our suppliers. To achieve customer satisfaction is our ultimate target. Therefore we are looking for strong suppliers to support our ultimate target by performing services efficiently. To be a strong supplier you need to match with the following demands:

Adherence to Schedules

Our suppliers excellence is defined by outstanding flexibility, reliability and competence by solving every day demands and highly sophisticated tasks.

Responsibility for Cost

We ask for transparent price setting of our suppliers because it is part and parcel of our cost accounting.

Quality Assurance

Your manufacturing process is based on a contemporary and efficient quality management system. Your main targets in quality assurance are null failure policy and continuous improvements regarding quality, timing, budget and service.


Your are an active partner in the procurement market who supports our production process with innovative and creative activities.

Please contact us:

Mr Julius Heße
Phone: +49 2381 422 126
Fax: +49 2381 422 104

Mr Yakup Das
Phone: +49 2381 422 120
Fax: +49 2381 422 104